WPA2 authentication fails on Ubuntu 12.04 using Rosewill RNX-N1

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http://askubuntu.com – Decided to reduce the clutter in the house and replace a wired connection with a wireless one on my wife's system using USB network device Rosewill RNX-X1. I can see and connect to unprotected network, but WPA2 authentication repeatedly fails. RNX-X1 works on other systems (including TV); also have 2 of 'em and tried each. Worth noting that I recently switched from Comcast to CenturyLink and so switched routers. The system connected successfully to previous router (Linksys EA4500) using WPA2. Would think it is the router (Actiontec C1000A) but all other devices (TV, iPad, Windows, Blackber (HowTos)