Would using SAS disks instead of SATA disks make sense over NFS for a VMWare datastore?

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http://serverfault.com – We are deciding whether to use SATA or SAS aggregates on our Filer for our VMWare datastore. We will be using NFS to connect the VMWare hosts to storage. Doesn't seem to make sense to use SAS disks that have 6GB/s pipeline (15000 RPM) if it's going via NFS over gigabit network (1/8 GB/s). We are teaming the NIC cards but that's still 1/4 GB/s (in ideal conditions). The SATA disks are 7200 RPM and, according to specs, 3GB/s. Perhaps someone with more real-world experience could check my logic. Additional information Both SAS and SATA aggregates have the same amount of disks. (HowTos)