Working USB WiFi?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi All, I really am at my wits end with WiFi in Fedora. I have 3 USB Wifi cards, all have some problems. Before and upto Fedora9, wireless worked beautifully with my old Linksys dongle. Linksys WUSB11 - Support removed from latest kernel! Level One (has RTL8187 chips) - Only shows 2 networks in Fedora here, and very low signal strength even when right next to the router - in Windows I see over 30 networks. Transfer speed is painfully slow, and drops the connection every few hours, requiring the dongle to be unplugged and plugged back in again before it works. TPLink TL-WN821N - Someone on an other forum said they had a lot of luck with this with another Linux distro, but although Fedora recognises it, it never actually makes a device from it, so is useless. I have been trying to get Wireless working for months now, it is really frustrating. Could anyone recommend a USB WiFi dongle that: 1) Works out of the box in Fedora 11 2) Shows real signal strengths (not under 50% for every network as my RTL8187 based one does) and sees closer to 100% of networks (not 2 out of 30 as the RTL8187 does). 3) Does not require unplugging every few hours to keep it working Please only suggest hardware you actually own and use on a daily basis with Fedora 11, not something you might have read in another forum or website, or something you are using on another distro (I am guessing that's how the TP Link was suggested to me, which does not work at all in Fedora). Thanks loads for any help, hopefully I can afford one more USB dongle, then I can actually have working WiFi. (HowTos)