Wireless problem with Fedora 12.

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – At first look, out of the box support for the wireless card looked great! It even worked with the live cd. The problem began after the installation was done. Although I can see and connect to the wireless network in my apartment, the connection is damn slow. I only get speeds less than 10KBPS. There was no problem when I was using the earlier versions of fedora (and I have been with fedora for the past 2 years), including fedora 11 which I was using until I did a fresh install of fedora 12. If anyone else has a similar problem or a solution please do let me know. Fedora 11 was so perfect, I do not want to see fedora 12 go a step backward :-) p.s. I installed ubuntu 9.10 on a desktop in my apartment, and it looks like it is having similar problems. Any chance that it has to do with the latest release of GNOME or the linux kernel ? Edit: Hi, I have an update. I installed kde on my machine. I still face the same problem. So I think it might be either GNOME or the latest version of network manager. I am trying to downgrade the network manager and see how it goes. Any insight into this problem is welcome. Please :P. (HowTos)