winetricks 20100201 released

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http://www.wine-reviews.net – Oh, my, we've been busy.  Lots and lots of improvements.  Runs better on Windows, too. Cygwin is kinda broken with current wine, so we've rewound back to an old version, but you have to copy and paste a URL from winetricks' output into the mirror selector to use it.  Sigh. Dan Kegel: Add AF's speedup to dotnet30 verb; unpack dotnet35 before running its setup. Remove trailing CR in programfilesdir_win; add vc2005save and vc2005load verbs fix glaring thinko in how we decided whether to run gksudo (i.e. it was horribly broken) Quote more paths Abort if sudo or gksudo fails Work around strange NULs in argument to zenity Internatinalize VirtualCloneDrive code. Support caching cygwin packages (manually for now) Finished vc2005hotfix verb Fixed WINETRICKS_CACHE_WIN value on XP Make vc2005trial verb work on XP Make vcrun2005 work on windows. vc2005trial verb returned before install was really done, tsk. Fix bad font check Work around wine bug 21206, fix cygwin for now by using an old copy. Fix calls to try_regedit to also work on Windows Fix append_path to work on both Windows and Linux (though maybe not solaris?) (Software)