Wine crashing with any audio controller

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Has anyone noticed that Wine in F12 (we no longer have the i386 build, only the x86_64 build available in x86_64 systems as in F11) winecfg crashes when trying to configure any audio controller and one is installed? I remember seeing this very same behaviour happen in Fedora 11 when using the x86_64 build, but the i386 did not have this problem. As soon as you click the Audio tab and click OK to the dialog warning that there is no "Audio driver slected", Wine enters into an infinte loop trying to start the debugger. When I have time, I'll report this to the Bugzilla, as I do not believe the x86_64 package of Wine to be a true x86_64 binary (as older releases), but the 32-bit Wine only wrapped in a Fedora x86_64 package (then again, I maight be wrong, and indeed this package is 64-bit capable, which would mean it could run 64-bit native Windows executables), at any rate, in its current state, not only does winecfg crashes when trying to poll (I think) the sound devices, but if one of the controllers is installed, also trying to run an application that has sound (a game or multimedia program) it will cause the same effect (or simply not have sound at all). Anyone else seen this in F12 x86_64? (HowTos)