Wine 1.5 audio app not working in Ubuntu 12.04

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http://askubuntu.com – I have three PC's. Two work well using DirEttore radio automation software via wine 1.5.16, the other one doesn't (the app loads but freezes once loaded) - though it works well with wine 1.4.1, just very slow at start up. I also have a USB stick with Ubuntu 12.04 loaded. This stick also has DirEttore installed (using 1.5.16), and works well when booted onto the two PC's, but doesn't work on the one that doesn't. It also works on other PC's booted into the USB stick. So it would seem that it might be related to that one PC's hardware. I've noticed v1.4.1 uses the 'winealsa.drv' audio driver (HowTos)