Windows Tips: Retrieve Your Google Emails With Windows Mail

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – This tutorial will how you how to configure Windows Mail to retrieve your Google emails from your local computer. If you love reading your emails from email program instead from the web, you can configure Windows Mail in Windows Vista or Windows 7 to retrieve all your Google mails. Windows Mail comes pre-installed in Windows Vista and Windows 7, so there’s no need to install addition program.   Unfortunately Yahoo Mail and Hotmail don’t allow POP3 mail retrieval without signing up for their premium service which cost almost $20 for cheap webmail. Google on the other hand allows you to retrieve your email via POP3 protocol and has more functions than Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.   To get started, turn on POP3 in Gmail. Click Settings from the top corner in your Gmail account.     Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP link as shown below.     Select the button to enable POP and IMAP. You can choose to keep a copy in Gmail inbox or delete after forwarding. Once done, click Save Changes.       Next click Start –> Windows Mail to launch the program.     When the setup wizard appears, click Cancel.       When Windows Mail opens, click Tools –> Accounts     Click Add     Select Email Account and click Next       Enter the display for the account.     Enter your Gmail address and continue.     Enter Gmail server info as shown below.       Enter your Gmail account info below and click Next.   Click Finish.       This process will fail because Windows Mail automatically enters the default IMAP port #. Google Mail uses different port #. Click OK here.     Next select Gmail mail account and click Properties.     Select the Advanced tab and enter Gmail SMTP and IMAP port numbers as shown below.     You should be able to retrieve your Google emails from Windows Mail.       That’s all to it. Enjoy and come back soon. Join the forum discussion on this post (HowTos)