Windows appear to large for screens, when I click anyplace on the screen it "jumps".

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have run into this problem with most of the programs I run on my ACER aspire one netbook. Upon opening a window in Fedora 11 the window extends beyond the top or bottom of the screen. Moving the panels allows the screen to enlarge but still to big. When I try to click on the screen it jumps top to bottom and back with each click. Nothing seems to work. I can't select a button or menu on screen. Esc does nothing. Most keyboard shortcuts are ineffective. Even using an external monitor makes no difference except that everything is scaled larger. My screen resolution is set properly for both screens. I can sometimes right click on the title bar and try to resize the window but it will only let me size the widths not the height. I have tried to find any threads pertaining to this issue with no luck though I have searched it many times, many days with different descriptions. It almost seems the computer doesn't know what size to make the windows and is toggling back and forth waiting for me to decide which part I want exposed only I don't know how to make it stop jumping. Very frustrating because it often renders the computer useless for anything and forces me to shut down without closing any windows.:mad: I plan on buying a desktop machine but will still like to have this one for travel. Any suggestions? (HowTos)