Wiki Article Reviewing - We urgently need volunteers

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Community, we're working hard to improve the openSUSE wiki but we still need YOUR help in order to achieve this mammoth task and to come up with something awesome. That said, all preparation is done so far, we did a mentoring session on 27.12.09 and Minutes [1] are available for your reference. We have a document that precisely outlines the job we need your help for [2] and I'd like to ask again for helping hands. Every community member is easily able to help us with the Article Reviewing for the sake of the whole openSUSE community. So, if you have some spare minutes on the table, please step up and jump in. The linked document [2] should describe the process in pretty much detail but nevertheless, if there are open questions, don't hesitate to contact the Wiki Team on IRC Freenode #opensuse-wiki Channel or at the opensuse-wiki mailinglist. That said, open-slx is putting a significant amount of workforce into this effort, but we still need YOUR help in order to be successful. [1] [opensuse-wiki] Minutes Mentoring session, December 27th [2] Transition guidelines - openSUSE Thanks in advance, R (Distributions)