wifi dongle wont work with 11.10

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http://askubuntu.com – my new wifi dongle will only work with 12.04,but sadly the graphic performance is so bad it is an unusable system for me,ive tried 11.10,,11.04 and 10.10,which all seem to run well,but wont find my dongle,,it is called DIGITAZZ Model:DT10150,,MPN:DT1015018072012,,i know it works as ive had it working on 12.04 and also on windows 7,,i have the driver disk for it,but am completely lost as to what i should be opening,,ive used ubuntu before,but found it way too complicated to use as a main system and i'll be honest,im only using it because windows is corrupt,,i would give you some specs,but i don (HowTos)