WiFi Auto Connect Doesn't Work (NetworkManager Applet)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, all! The auto connect feature of NetworkManager Applet (version 0.7.997) isn't working on my system. If the WiFi connection dies, Network Manager doesn't detect that the connection has been lost and try to reestablish the connection. I have to manually click on the WiFi hotspot to reestablish the connection. This appears to be the case both while the computer is running and when I first boot it up (i.e. when booting, if the first attempt at establishing a WiFi connection doesn't succeed, Network Manager doesn't retry or try another hotspot). Is this "normal" behavior for Network Manager? If not, does anyone know a fix? Here's some more info about my system: Computer: Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop WiFi Chip: Broadcomm BCM4238 Kernel Version: Drivers: broadcom-wl- kmod-wl- kmod-wl- further information is needed to diagnose what's happening and suggest a fix, just ask. Thanks, in advance, for any help offered! Regards, Chris (HowTos)