why obexpushd does not work on some external bluetooth dongles

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi I have an on board bluetooth and an external bluetooth dongle on my laptop. my problem is bluetooth dongle does not work with obexpushd command in linux but the onboard one works fine these are all my information about my bluetooths: hci0 is onboard and hci1 is external dongle: Quote: hci0: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB BD Address: 00:26:5E:A4:FA:83 ACL MTU: 1021:8 SCO MTU: 64:1 UP RUNNING PSCAN ISCAN RX bytes:11657 acl:143 sco:0 events:259 errors:0 TX bytes:10062 acl:147 sco:0 commands:117 errors:0 Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9 (HowTos)