Why not display the BIOS version in some reasonable manner?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Why the heck don't motherboard and BIOS manufacturers display the BIOS version in a better place? They could display it on one of the BIOS setup screens - is that just too "far out" and crazy? As it is, modern motherboards often come with these graphical boot screens that don't even print the BIOS version on boot. If you disable those screens and get the text boot screen, it flashes by so quickly that you can't read the BIOS version. ( Edit: Yes, the "dmidecode" command will show you more than you want to know about your motherboard BIOS. But that's AFTER you have installed Fedora, which is not the time that I want to considering updating BIOS. ) Motherboard manufacturers are slowly getting the idea that it is silly to rely on a DOS boot disk to flash BIOS, especially now since many systems don't have floppy drives. However, if you have to flash the BIOS on an onboard VGA chip, I think you will still have to get out your DOS floppy. (HowTos)