Why the my simple bootloader is not loaded into memory?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I wrote a simple boot loader. here is the code. ; boot.asm mov ax, 0x07c0 mov ds, ax mov si, msg ch_loop:lodsb or al, al ; zero=end or str jz hang ; get out mov ah, 0x0E int 0x10 jmp ch_loop hang: jmp hang msg db 'Hello World', 13, 10, 0 times 510-($-$$) db 0 db 0x55 db 0xAA I compile the code with this command nasm boot.asm -f bin -o boot.bin Then i created the boot.iso image from boot.bin file, using the following command mkisofs -o boot.iso -b boot.bin ./ Then I wrote the boot.iso file on cd using the Brasero disc burner tool. (HowTos)