Why Linux Remains to Be the Choice For Many Web Users Today

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http://linux.bihlman.com – Why Linux Remains to Be the Choice For Many Web Users Today By Darren Thomas Linux has definitely gained its popularity among the world-wide web-users recently mainly because of its high stability. Linux is probably one of the most stable operating systems in the world which had been highly sought. A huge numbers of web users have turned to Linux solution to take advantage of its great benefits which are worthy and crucial for the survival and expansion of their online business. Linux is an open source operating system which is free of charge where its code is accessible to the public for any kind of usage or modification for their personal used. As a result, Linux had successfully received a lot of useful feedback from the public in terms of ideas for improvement, alternative methods of solution, possible defects or loop holes which Linux can be enhanced and developed in. Through the constructive feedback and extensive research, Linux software had been enhanced greatly over the recent years, incorporating some of the most important features which are highly preferred by their clients. It is not surprising to know that Linux has dominantly championing the web hosting market today. Come and let us find out more about Linux software and understand what drives it to strategize its market position in this competitive industry today, 1. Linux web hosting appears to be more stable compared to windows web hosting probably because it is an open source operating system. With such an open programming environment, problems get to be identified almost immediately with continuous enhancements carried out on periodic basis so that any single change can be deployed soonest possible. It is not advisable to cum up these changes or bug fixes and have them deployed at the same time because this will increase the risk of Linux applications operating system and will require a longer trouble-shooting time because of the multiple changes. 2. Linux has been considered to be more universally compatible with many other operating systems in the market today. It helps to save time and resources because of its high compatibility, which would otherwise be needed to solve many of the incompatibility issues if they are not with Linux operating system. 3. It is imperatively cheap to own and host with Linux web hosting as Linux Operating system comes free or at a very low cost of distribution. Basically anyone and everyone would afford to host with Linux web hosting operating system, as long as they have the interest to learn. This enables Linux to get the necessary exposure to a wider level of audience whom may be the potential customers of Linux web hosting service subscribers in the near future. 4. Ease of switching between hosts is another benefit of Linux. Theoretically, any website which has been designed and configured to be hosted on a Linux-based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server easily at the same time. However the reversal does not work the same way. This is probably another key reason why many people tend to design and build their website based on a Linux-based web server instead of Windows or Mac-based web server now. 5. Websites need to be as dynamic as possible to incorporate any potential changes at any one time. Normally a web site starts with a few pages of simple html but this expands and changes over a considerable period of time to meet and suit all kinds of different requirements from the customers. A good website needs to be designed with great scalability above everything else without the need to make huge site changes all the time. When you are searching for web hosting, reverse researching is important where you should find out the complaints about the host. Which field they are weak in? What mistake they always do? This can give you a clear picture on their performance. For more information, check out webhosting reviews. Darren is a full time web developer attached with a web hosting company. (General)