Why having to use non-blocking fd in a edge triggered epoll function?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I read document abount edge triggered epoll function in web as follows: 1. The file descriptor that represents the read side of a pipe (rfd) is registered on the epoll instance. 2. A pipe writer writes 2 kB of data on the write side of the pipe. 3. A call to epoll_wait(2) is done that will return rfd as a ready file descriptor. 4. The pipe reader reads 1 kB of data from rfd. 5. A call to epoll_wait(2) is done. ....... ....... The suggested way to use epoll as an edge-triggered (EPOLLET) interface is as follows: i) Use nonblocking file descriptors ii) Call epoll_wait for an event on (HowTos)