Why doesn't my client IP address appear in the netstat output?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – My client is a MS Excel plug-in running on my laptop (client_machine1) that connects to a Solaris server (server1) to request some WebLogic Application running on port 28080. bash-3.2$ set | grep SSH_CONNECTION SSH_CONNECTION='<client_machine1 IP Address> 64134 <Server1 IP Address> 22' bash-3.2$ netstat -a | grep <client_machine1 IP address> <Server1 FQDN>.28080 <client_machine1 IP address>.49592 260836 0 49950 0 FIN_WAIT_2 <Server1 FQDN>.28080 <client_machine1 IP address>.49595 261216 0 49950 0 FIN_WAIT_2 <Server1 FQDN>.2 (HowTos)