Why does SVN+SSH prompt for password despite a SSH key file?

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http://serverfault.com – I have keys configured such that I can login to SVN_HOST like this: ssh <USER_NAME>@<SVN_HOST> Will log me to SVN_HOST with no password prompt. So far so good; however: svn update svn+ssh://<USER_NAME>@<SVN_HOST>/<PATH_TO_REPO> <DEST_PATH> Still prompts for: <USER_NAME>@<SVN_HOST>'s password: When I enter the password it works as I expect; however, I don't understand why it insists on prompting for password on the svn+ssh case. Thanks in advance. EDIT: As requested, Verbose SSH out put via: SVN_SSH="ssh -v " svn update svn+ssh://&l (HowTos)