why does repoquery output wrong file list?

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http://stackoverflow.com – On my YUM server I have this RPM ... redcricket@rpo-dev:/usr/RED/docs/yum/CEL6/RIE$ rpm -q --filesbypkg -p development/RPMS/ooo-audit-1.0-10.noarch.rpm ooo-audit /apps/RED/red_apps/server/ooo-audit.pl ... and I have it installed on my system and rpm says this about that RPM ... [redcricket@dev-006 src]$ rpm -q --filesbypkg ooo-audit ooo-audit /apps/RED/red_apps/server/ooo-audit.pl ... but repoquery list the files on the old version of the RPM ... [redcricket@dev-006 src]$ repoquery -l ooo-audit /apps/RED/data/ooo-audit/exceptions.txt /apps/RED/red_apps/s (HowTos)