Why does /etc restore cause tty1 to appear at startup?

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I have dual-boot WinXP and Karmic. When I start an Ubuntu session, I'm presented with the tty1 login console rather than the GUI. "startx" does not work. My Ubuntu experience is only one month old. So I've only a few of my own files. These are backed up to external HDD. As part of my "disaster recovery" planning, I've done several reinstalls of Ubuntu, followed by several restores of external HDD backups. Here is a typical re-install sequence: • Re-install. Reboot. All OK. • Install automatic updates. Reboot. All OK. • Use grsync to restore /etc from HDD backup. • Reboot. This is when I get the tty1 login screen. Why is the /etc restore causing the tty1 screen to launch, rather than the GUI? (HowTos)