Why do new terminals in Awesome spawn with SHLVL=2?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a PS1 which shows the SHLVL if it's not 1 to quickly see if I'm in a subshell. This works as expected when using GNOME, but when I spawn a new terminal in Awesome WM (Mod4+Return) it always starts with SHLVL=2. Is this normal? Looks like this is directly related to the number of times I have restarted Awesome (Mod4+Ctrl+r). Is there some way to avoid spawning new shells when restarting? I guess it should be possible by starting with exec rather than whatever it is doing at the moment, but where do I configure this? The same happens with pkill -HUP awesome. Looks like it's related to t (HowTos)