Why do clients on Branch Sites insist on accessing SYSVOL on the HQ DC instead of the branches' RODC?

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http://serverfault.com – I'm still scratching my head over this situation... You see, we have 3 RW DCs in the HQ, and 1 RODC on every branch sites (50+ locations). During startup, a script will pull in some files from \\example.com\SYSVOL\example.com\Common\Data But we have been experiencing bandwidth overload. A traffic analysis indicated that lots of clients in the Branch Sites were trying to access the SYSVOL located in the RW DCs. E.g.: If the RW DCs are,, and, and site 'X' has a subnet of (with its RODC at, clients at site 'X' seem to insist on accessing (HowTos)