Why can I still navigate out of my home directory when using vsftpd with winscp?

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http://serverfault.com – System: Linux Ubuntu 10.04 I have set up a vsftpd server and everythings seems to work fine if you log in over a browser, but if I log in using winscp then I can navigate out of my own home directory which is avtually restricted by the config file (below) Does anyone know why this would happen? I need to be sure that noone can rumage around on my server looking at files. Here is my VSFTPD config file: listen=YES anonymous_enable=NO local_enable=YES write_enable=YES dirmessage_enable=YES use_localtime=YES xferlog_enable=YES connect_from_port_20=YES chroot_list_file=/etc/vsftpd.chroo (HowTos)