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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi This question is usually responded to with "Liveuser does not need a password". Well believe it or not in some configuration it is not possible to go passed the login screen of Fedora 11 or 12 KDE. If you just hit enter which should work, it goes black with a blue flasy thing and then back to the login screen. I managed to boot into runlevel 3 without a password though. Installed F12 KDE to the HD from the Live CD and then tried to reboot. Would you believe it, same problem. I cant get passed the login screen with the users I created during instillation. The correct password does the same as above, black screen then back to login. The incorrect password does not budge from login screen. I have posted this problem in other forums but no one seems to know this issue. What could cause the login screen to get stuck in a loop like this? Any help would be appreciated here, I feel like I am bashing my head against a wall. Regards, yso? (HowTos)