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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – In order to recover from a frozen session... The keyboard is evidently locked and the Display is frozen and the mouse can move but clicking on anything has no effect. I don't know if it is coincidence or not but I recently discovered that I could suspend to memory in Fedora 11 on my Centrino based HPDV4000 system. When I first installed Fedora 11, suspending worked but waking up did *not*. I guess some recent patches made the power manager a little smarter. There are still some problems: The screen saver and suspend work one time after a reboot, subsequently the screen saver does not come on, the screen blanks ( but the backlight stays on) and the system does not suspend. I got around this problem by writing a tcl daemon that watches the interrupts and if no activity ( keypress, mouse movement, or touchpad action) occurs in a suitable interval it will call /usr/sbin/pm-suspend. This seems to work fairly well but I have been getting several interface freezes a day... I can ssh into the laptop from another machine but I don't seem to be able to kill and restart the gnome session ( other than issuing a reboot command from the ssh session). Is it possible to get a new session started without a reboot? Thanks Jerry (HowTos)