Which Adobe Reader I must to install?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, I have just updated my system from openSuse 11.1 to openSuse 11.2, all is working fine. Now I would like to install the Adobe Reader program downloading it from the official website. Yes, I know... I can use Evince to see PDF files... Unfortunately Evince shows strange defects over the images contained in the PDF file (strange white vertical lines and other little things). I want try to use the original Adobe reader to check if those defects will go away so I can print the document (on Windows the pdf file is displayed perfectly). I have gone to this address to download the latest version: Adobe - Adobe Reader : For Unix : Adobe Reader 9.3.1 Linux and Solaris update - multiple languages : Thank You When I presse the "Download" button I go to another page. In this page I select the 9.3.1 version and then the "enu" directory (I suppose that "enu" stays for "english", I'm right? :( ) After that I block myself; as I see there are only i386 and i486 version available, but I have the i586 architecture. This means that the Adobe Reader is not available for my Linux system? :'( Maybe I have got the wrong download address? (Distributions)