when is it safe to remove `/dev/.tmp-block-*` files

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – i'm currently experimenting with temporary lvm-snapshots (that is: create a snapshot of an LV, do something with the snapshot (e.g. run a backup), then destroy the snapshot. something along the lines: lvcreate --snapshot --name "SNAP" --size 2GB lv01 dobackup /dev/VG1/SNAP lvremove -f /dev/VG1/SNAP the new SNAP "disk" has been created as with devicenumber 254:10. now today i discovered, that i got a hidden device-file /dev/.tmp-block-254:10 in my device-directory. i assume that this is a left-over from the LV creation/removal. i ran lvdisplay but the device doesn't show up. also it seems (HowTos)