Whats consuming HDD Space

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http://askubuntu.com – I have single partition of 92GB in which I installed Ubuntu 12.04. And for some Unknown reason a message pop ups saying that I only have 1GB of HDD space left. I ran command sudo du -hscx * on / and /home /home gave me this result 4.0K C:\nppdf32Log\debuglog.txt 0 convertedvideo.avi 176M Desktop 16K Documents 169M Downloads 4.0K examples.desktop 17M file.txt 4.0K Music 984K Pictures 4.0K Public 320K Red Hat 6.iso 2.5M syslog-ng_3.3.6.tar.gz 4.0K Templates 8.0K terminal.png 1.2M Thunderbird Attachments 698M ubuntu10.04LTS.iso (HowTos)