What is wrong with this python script?

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http://askubuntu.com – I have this code: from sys import argv import os bold = "\033[1m" reset = "\033[0;0m" try: argv[1] except IndexError: print("\nNo arguments! Add \"-h\" or \"--help\" for more info." + bold + "\n\nNow look what you've done!" + reset) else: pass if argv[1] == "-h" or "--help": print("\nxxxx, version 0.0.2") print("xxxx is a simple tool for the command line used for quickly saving\n\ chunks of text, while providing more functionality than the traditional method\n\ (e.g. echo \"HELLO WORLD\" > hi.txt) used in bash.") print("\nUsage: sans-sheriff [text] [directory] [op (HowTos)