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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Two questions, really. I'm actually thinking about clobbering my Gentoo install (my system is kind of a mess, half amd64 and half ~amd64, and I'm getting a bit tired of compiling) and putting Fedora on my main destktop (gasp). Haven't decided yet. We've been told at school that we'll be able to get free copies of Win7 Bidness Professional(?) x64, and honestly if I can get ahold of a copy I'll probably end up putting 7 on my desktop for the gaming (cause I get an itch from time to time, you know). That said, I'm not entirely sure the copies will be free - highly discounted, but we'll have to see. In any case, I'll probably end up gutting my Gentoo install sometime in the next few months and replacing it with something. Anywho, two questions: 1) The machine has a single 320GB SATA drive @7200RPM and two 80GB IDE drives @ 7200RPM. What do y'all guess would perform better: putting the / partition on the SATA drive or on a software RAID0 across the two IDE drives? In other words, I'm not sure if the performance advantages of RAID0 would outweight the slower speed of the IDE bus. 2) Can't really find an answer on this one: I know the Fedora installer supports encryption with LUKS (woohoo), but could I run encryption "over" the top of the software RAID? (In other words install the OS to a ~160GB encrypted / sitting on the RAID0) (HowTos)