what is this problem with root login?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Yes I've read all the posts...rabid or otherwise! kinda like SELINUX (that I disabled) I get SELINUX reports when doing super simple tasks! If I left SELINUX in enforcing mode, I'd get nowhere! With a little bit of common sense and hopefully some educational background, it should be obvious that the root login problem is not problematic! Think for a moment of what would be required if we tried to protect everybody from every harmful entity! Read "Brave New World"! We'd have to send a fortune to create sniffers to protect everybody from everything! Why aren't cars equiped with a speed limit of 75 mph? The FDA is a miserable failure full of corruption and waste. The KGB was a failure...watchdogs watching the watchdogs. Even CPS Child Prot Services (a necessary establishment) is overwhelmed by cases! Is there any sense in prohibiting knife sharpeners? In computer science we can restrict activities to the extent that the OS is bogged down to a crawl! This has happened! Freedom is what we enjoy! Yes freedom to screw ourselves up in 1000000 different ways that mommy can'r prevent. No matter what freedom will prevail. I have a friend who has figured out how to login as root in F11. The problem is not in our stars but in ourselves! (HowTos)