What ISP plan should I choose for Apache server

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I've got a few hobby & Linux-resource websites running. I've moved them from the ether and put an old dell server in my office. They seem to be a bit slow to load in a web browser. They are here: Welcome to Swerdna's Linux Blog I have these plans available from my ISP: down/up = 8000/128 kb/s <== this is my current plan down/up = 1500/256 kb/s down/up = 8000/384 kb/s down/up = 20000/1000 kb/s down/up = 30000/1000 kb/s I only get low visitor rates of course; circa 40-60000 pm depending on release cycle. I plan to add some more sites during the year, two commercial sites, but that won't increase the traffic much. Here's the question: what plan should I choose to get the pages to load faster for visitors? I can't just go for the fastest, it's far too expensive. Where does the speed/efficiency/advantage for visitors experience cease? (I know pretty much nothing about these rates and upload requirements). Thanks swerdna (Distributions)