what is the best program to capture my workings as an AVI or MPEG

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http://askubuntu.com – I have already used recordmydesktop, xvidcap and kazam. My sound working fine with other audio or videos. xvidcap doesn't record sound at all. I have tried many ways. If I try as: 'padsp xvidcap', it also gives error, like: /dev/dsp cannot found or missing. I have changed it to /dev/snd. Still no effect. Even I can record sound through gnome-sound-recorder - after pressing record button, I open pavucontrol. Then from Recording tab, I choose 'Monitor of Analog Stereo'. But if I run xvidcap, I don't get that option in pavucontrol. kazam works a bit slow. It records at the beginning of the (HowTos)