wget output file names

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have a list of urls in my input.txt file like this input.txt Code: http://unix.com/index.html?acc=OSR765454&file=filename1.gz http://unix.com/index.html?acc=OBR765454&file=filename111.gz http://unix.com/index.html?acc=ORS765454&file=filename1111.gz http://unix.com/index.html?acc=OST76454&file=filename11111.gz http://unix.com/index.html?acc=OS5454&file=filename1111111.gz I am using this command Code: wget -i input.txt My output files are coming with a weird file names like this ls in file folder Code: index.html?acc=OSR765454&file=filename1. (HowTos)