wget fails to download an image

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http://askubuntu.com – I'm trying to do a script so I can set this image as background and update it each 10 minutes, but I can not even download the image: $ wget "http://static.die.net/earth/mercator/1600.jpg" -O imagen.jpg --2012-08-23 17:51:41-- http://static.die.net/earth/mercator/1600.jpg Solving static.die.net (static.die.net)..., 2607:f820:42::16 Connecting with static.die.net (static.die.net)[]:80... connected. HTTP Request sent, waiting reply... 200 OK Length: 37 [image/gif] Saving to: “imagen.jpg” 100%[======================================>] 37 --.-K/s (HowTos)