Web Hosting : Linux vs. Windows

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http://i486.net – Bases Linux & Windows: Linux (and its relationship étroiteUnix) and Windows 2000 (and its close cousin Windows NT) sontles types of software (called operating systems) that webutiliser servers to do the kind of things that web servers do. Pasbesoin you know the real details of one of deciding on Thereupon you need but here are some guidelines. Just because you use a Windows PC Desktop does not mean you avezd’opter for Windows Web Hosting (and the reverse is also vraibien). The operating system you use on your computer peuà do with your choice of web hosts. Until you comprenezcomment to use your FTP or Web publishing, you can utiliserou another operating system. But what is important is that you know what you want yourSite to do and what you offer in this regard. This queen ultimately help determine the type of web hosting serafonctionnent best for you. As mentioned above, websites interactifshabituellement count on ASP, PHP, or Perl type languages. Web Hosting Linux or Windows 2000 Web Hosting? Make your choice When it comes to web hosting, Linux has for some time, étélargement considered the best OS for Web servers. It typiquementconstaté that’s the most reliable, stable and efficient and, as such, it is commonly used for the demanding environment of Webet mail servers. In fact, most sites aalphaNET clients running on the Linux OS precisely because of this traditionnelstabilité. The issue of a million-dollar demand is that what you cherchezà use for your hosting? Consider the tools and scriptslangues you plan to use – if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linuxest the way forward. If applications are specific to Microsoft, then Windowsest what you need. If your site, like most websites, is what might be termed “brochure-ware” then Linux servers are ideal. For prospectus, I Ware: a site that offers the kind of information in the passéauraient could be provided in paper form of brochures, newsletters or data sheets. Brochure-ware sites will present you quelquesinteraction through information forms and can certainly intégrerAchat online and other routine e-commerce functions. However, if your site has a database searchable ligneou interactive chat facilities then Windows 2000 or NT will unmeilleur bet in most cases. It will cost a little more but you obtiendrezque in reduced development time and better, while simplementfonctionnalité. The following are the advantages of using Linux as a server-based Web surpar compared to Windows based web server: Stable: Linux / Unix was traditionnellementcroyait it was very stable and robust. A website hosted on a system of Linux has very high time (the ordrede 99 years. 9%). Naturally, other factors such as power supply, network admin skills and network load etc. also matter when ils’agit maintain the uptime of the system. Low cost of ownership: The Linux OS comes free (or Atres insignificant cost, usually cost of distribution). In addition, ila full server and desktop applications that top vientgratuitement with the OS. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) being free, are égalementtrès stable. Ease of use: When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to accueillirsur Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting estpresque same for both Linux and Windows web servers. If you voulezd’utiliser a Windows based tool such as Front Page to download somesite Web on a Web server based on Linux, make sure leFront Page extensions are enabled. This is necessary if voustéléchargez using HTTP film (http://www. Yourwebsite. COM) deFront page. Front Page can also download its own website via FTP. You must select ftp://www. yourwebsite. com pourchargement using front page FTP option. Note that if you select “Front Page Extensions” during web site design, you must activerFront Page extensions on a Linux web server also. Nowadays, all Linux web servers come with Front Page installableextensions, and this should pose no problem for hosting on Linux platform unPlate. You can use almost all types of file extensions (or scripts) when using Linux web server. Generally, extensions suivantessont Supported. cgi,. html,. htm,. pl,. php,. shtml,. xml, andother. Basically, this means you can host websites utilisentdifférents types of server side scripts including. cgi,. pl,. . php and. asp (with plug-in). Easy to move between hosts: A web site designed to be hosted sura Based Linux web server can be hosted on a web server Windowsfacilement, where the reverse is not always true . more commonly used: Linux / Unix based web hosting is the most largementutilisée compared to Windows based web hosting. Scalability: A web site is dynamic. Usually a website commenceavec few pages of html and grows over time s’adapterexigences customers. It is better to design a website Website keeping these requirements in mind. A website designed pourcompatibilité with a Linux / Unix Web auxévolutivité meets requirement easily without making any site to échellemodifications design. On the downside, Linux based web server is not fully compatibleavec Microsoft technologies. If you use a spécialiséesapplications or VB for development of your website, estpréférable host with a Windows-based server URL. For more articles please visit the Interstates Web Hosts . Thanks (General)