weather in conky (LUA scripts)

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http://crunchbang.org – mrpeachy wrote:Sector11 wrote:Interesting, this works:--image({x=25,y=imgy,file=weather_icon[2]}) --image({x=25,y=imgy,file=moon_icon[1]}) image ({x=25,y=imgy,file="/home/sector11/v9000/additional_files/weathericons/moon_waning_gibbous.png"})http://t.imgbox.com/adg2WpG1.jpgput this line into the template and watch the terminalprint(moon_icon[1])mrpeachy you may kick my no so royal behind . I was going yo show this ... with a I'm jinxed:Noticed I changed my location in my /home/sector11/.v9000_config.lua script thinking it was my location... when I noticed this line:local weather (HowTos)