Want to bloc proxies in my Institution !

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hy every body every where, Is there a good way to bloc proxies without having to load thousands of rules to block each particular proxy? We have a transparent proxy, so all the students request are passing through our transparent proxy. At the same time we have blocked some site web (porn .......) through squid and squidGuard. The problem is that students are getting around using web proxies such as : 1. Aniscartujo 2. Free Web Proxy 3. Schoolisgood.com 4. Hidemy.biz 5. Dumbdream.com 6. Nobodycanstop.us 7. Enoughschool.com 8. Getus.in 9. Browse007.com 10. Surfagain and so on ............. (HowTos)