WAMP fails to start after setting error_log

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http://serverfault.com – I had WAMP running with PHP 5.2. PHP errors where written to it's own log file. I then swapped to PHP 5.3 and the errors where written to the Apache log. I found that php.ini had not set an error_log setting. I set it to error_log = "c:/wamp/logs/php_error.log" which was the config of PHP 5.2 and restarted WAMP - only to find that localhost would not load and WAMP would display an yellow icon. If I disabled the error_log setting WAMP would load correctly again. I even tried copying the php.ini from PHP 5.2 to the 5.3 install, but alas no better results. log_errors = On is set on both inst (HowTos)