wakeonlan and etherwake doesnt work [migrated]

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http://stackoverflow.com – My goal is to wake up my pc. I have connected my raspberrypi directly through lan to my pc. I have installed etherwake and wakeonlan, and both commands failed.. Well actually it doesnt really failed, contrary it said it was succeed but my pc was still off and sleepy! How I found the mac address of my pc: http://cache.gyazo.com/ce1480e30cb3462457e7049954dd2e8b.png?1356476206 Als recheched with: http://cache.gyazo.com/2ce9d0666e2e3f3e0eb90cf45b8e9008.png?1356476324 I tried those two commands: sudo wakeonlan <my mac address> outputs: Sending magic packet to with 0 (HowTos)