W8, IOS, ANDROID, Do you want to have them all?

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http://androidforums.com – :smokingsomb::smokingsomb: Yes I just got an iPad, but it seems a little bit big for me. So I am considering switch to Nexus7, for those positive comments ALL AROUND!!! Also I'm longing for a Windows8 phone. The UI is soooooooo splendid. And I got good experience on my friend's W7 device. Btw Surface looks nice to me as well, if the price is friendly enough, I may go for it~ So my set would be : W8 PHONE + NEXUS7 OR my current BlackBerry + SURFACE/ Nexus7 I also wanna have a Kindle touch. But will that be overlapping with a 7'' tablet?! I am s in a dilemma!!!:confused: ps.. I forgot (General)