w7 convert needs a program recommendation

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http://forums.opensuse.org – ok, so i'm converting from w7 and before doing so made up a list of functions i wanted to be capable of doing in opensuse. i have most of them complete but saved the ones that gave me some problems or simply perplexed me until last. i managed to figure out ps3 media server, but still need to know how to automount my external usb drive upon boot. i have my vnc needs met with x11vnc and no probs there. but what i'm not sure how to do is to synchronize my files between my three computers as well as how to backup my files to an offsite file service (perhaps datastorageunit). i've considered just using dropbox, which from what i've read will backup to offsite ( i used mozy on w7) as well as sync my files across my lan (goodsync handled my syncing). however, i really dont want to pay $10/mo. for 50gb of storage with dropbox when datastorageunit is only $3/mo for 100gb. datastorage unit says that rsync can be used however, even with the gui (grsync) installed i still couldn't make much head way. id rather not take the lazy/pricier way out with dropbox, but instead learn how to use grsync. if anyone can help me or even recommend a better sync app that would be great. thanks in advance. (Distributions)