VNC and xfce4

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I have just setup vnc over the LAN using Tigervnc on F12. In general it works beautifully. One thing I can't find any info on is how to get it to share display :0 , the ultimate objective in this case., All I have been able to find on this assumes kde or gnome desktops and refers to things to click on to share the main desktop. Since I'm using xfce4 I'll need to run it from CLI but I can't find the correct command. Code: vncserver :1 works fine and once I've opened up the ports I can connect Code: vncserver :0 incorrectly tells me vncserver is already running on display 0 and sites a lock file as evidence . In fact the lock file is due to the initial Xserver instance and vncserver has not been started at this point. I also need to keep this to command line because the various systems I need to support are a mix of different distros and WMs I'm sure it;s trivial but a fair bit of searching and man pages has not revealed the answer. TIA, (HowTos)