VNC almost working but displaying haywire

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Let me start by saying that I'm a newbie to all of this, so I'm hoping that the solution is something really easy and obvious that I'm just not aware of. My general Linux knowledge is frustratingly shallow, and my networking skills aren't much better. Hence this project. I have two machines: an old Dell desktop running Fedora 11, and my laptop running Windows XP Home. My goal is to be able to access the Fedora machine remotely from my XP laptop -- just when I'm at home and both machines are on the same LAN. I'll try to figure out the whole router port forwarding thing later. So far, on the Fedora box, I have vino installed and working, and the sshd service enabled and running. And I got Putty on my XP machine, created an SSH tunnel and added port 5900, and downloaded both TightVNC and RealVNC, both of which give me the same result -- I am able to successfully connect, but the display on my XP screen is completely garbled. The two machines are side by side, so I can use the XP mouse and keyboard and look over at the monitor for the Fedora desktop -- at least the hard part seems to be over. The problem is that on my laptop (XP) monitor, the display looks like it has some major interlacing problem, for lack of a more descriptive word. To clarify, it's not just a little screwed up, it's totally hosed. I've tried messing around with all the different encodings in both VNC viewers, but with no impact. I've tried to find clues by searching this forum and elsewhere, but I must be searching for the wrong things... I don't know what to even try next. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. (HowTos)