VLC is used in Formula One

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http://linuxers.org – I read a blog post of Jean-Paul Saman, a VLC developer, about the use of VLC in the most popular motorsport of the World, Formula One. According to the blog, a big VLC fan, Dan Dectis, posted a message on the vlc mailing list mentioning this picture from the Formula One Photography. This is indeed one of the examples showing the power and extent of VLC media player. Check out the original pic. The original post by Dan Dectis is: Hello Developers, I was recently looking at some interesting Formula One photography and came upon this picture. That is a picture of the Mercedes GP telemetry screen in the pit lane. Very clearly, in the bottom left, is a VLC window! It is unmistakable. I assume they are using it for live streaming, but I am not sure.I merely wanted to bring to your attention the fact that your (most excellent) software is being used behind the scenes in the biggest motorsport in the world! Source: http://www.jpsaman.org/jpsaman/node/20 (General)