VLAN trunking between Juniper EX -> Cisco Catalyst -> and Cisco Router

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http://serverfault.com – I have the following scenario: EX2200 Switch whit ge-0/0/6 set as an access port on VLAN 80 ge-0/0/0 set as a trunk port connected to a catalyst switch and various vlans allowed to pass includin vlan 80 On the Catalyst Switch. port #3 set up as a trunk port that receives traffic from the EX switch. port 42 is set up also as a trunk port that connects to a cisco router. Port #46 is where the host used to be connected host -> EX2200 -> Catalyst -> Router the problem is that this EX2200 is a new addition to the network and the host connected previosly to the catalyst switch. traffic (HowTos)