VLAN with trunk to avoid broadcast storm in a network with redundant paths

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http://serverfault.com – I have 6 Juniper switches (EX - 2200) connected to each other as shown in the network topology. I have two PC's that I am using PC1 - (used for configuring the 6 switches via minicom) PC2 - to monitor the traffic between the switches via the Ports that are marked with arrows in the diagram. STEP 1: I create a new vlan On Switch 3 (SW3) that includes Port 12 and Port 22. I also assign l3-interface to the vlan (vlan_2) with ip address - Now I plug-in Port 0 of Switch 3 on PC2. Now I try pinging from PC2 ( I want to know what will happen? My postula (HowTos)