virtualization networking dhcp options kvm/qemu fc12

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am looking to apply dhcp options to the dhcp server used with libvirt for Vm's I am using FC12 I want to do options like in dnsmasq .... dhcp-host=id:01:02:02:04, and Send options to hosts which ask for a DHCP lease. like in RFC 2132 alternatively what about disabling dhcp entirely for a virtual network? for example in an xml file for default network: <network> <name>default</name> <uuid>1e79f4cf-9167-4189-be45-6a3f315bcd85</uuid> <bridge name="virbr0" /> <forward/> <ip address="" netmask=""> <dhcp> <range start="" end="" /> </dhcp> </ip> </network> if any knows any good (recent!) links for advanced networking with qemu/kvm, please reply. thanks. (HowTos)