VirtualBox and Networking

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – This is pretty much my first real venture into the world of virtual machines. I got VirtualBox-3.0.2_49928_fedora8-1.i386 installed on F8 (yeah, I know - I'll upgrade soon), and downloaded and installed the F11-LXDE spin. Everything seems to be working swimmingly - except network. I searched around here, plus played with the VBox preferences and virtual machine settings, but can't get any network connectivity, mostly just "network unreachable" messages when pinging. The Host machine is a desktop, with static IP addresses set up via the standard system-config-network (no NetWorkManager here), and directly connected to the DSL router, plus I added another static host address for the virtual machine. Firewall is on, basic config. What is required to bludgeon this recalcitrant software into cooperation? Thanks, V (HowTos)